Code of Conduct

Here is our Code of Conduct for the ‘Christian DayZ Camp, COOP-NO PVP…’ private server for cooperative game-play for people of all ages and backgrounds to have fun together playing against the game. Our motto is “Caring for their real character” rather than “killing their virtual character!” Server Rules: 1. NO PVP – Instant ban 2. Only property on your person is considered yours. 3. You are our guests please be kind and respectful. If you agree with this you are welcome to join us.

All PVP logged by the server and reported by victims, will result in an immediate banning from the server.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding our NO PVP code of conduct.

  1. What do you mean by PVP?
    Player versus Player – any deliberate assault that causes harm a player’s character
    Examples Include: Shooting, Punching, Hitting, Exploding, Eating, Shaving, Driving over or any other action that will harm another player’s character.
  2. What should I do if someone PVP’s against me?
    Log off the server immediately and contact us on PlayStation Network:
  3. Can I PVP in self defense?
  4. Can I PVP to defend others?
  5. Can I PVP to defend my base?
  6. What happens if I accidentally harm or kill another player’s character?
    Create a PSN Group with you, the other player, MissionaryGamer and PastorJames_ and explain what happened. Note, the victim must cooperate your explanation.

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